Beat Saber VR : Breaking Records Everywhere!

Posted on June 06 2023

Beat Saber VR from VRsenal is the highest-earning, most profitable VR game on the planet. Here's the proof to back up this claim! 

There's a lot of hype around virtual reality. Suppliers make all kinds of claims about their earnings. They highlight only the top locations and talk about the millions of plays since they started the company. This information doesn't help operators confidently project what they will earn from their investment.

VRsenal has just released the data on its first 75 installations:  The average location earned $6,210 per month. This would calculate to a 7-month ROI. Then they broke down their locations into three equal-sized groups: Top-Earning, Middle Earning, and Lowest Earning, and averaged out each group. 

  • The top 25 locations earned an average of $8,755 per month which would be a 5-month ROI
  • The middle 25 locations averaged $6,165 per month for a 7-month ROI
  • What was surprising that the bottom 25 locations averaged a ridiculously high $4,755 per month and a 9-month ROI
  • The lowest-earning location averaged $3,335 a month, which would calculate to a 13-month payback — not bad for a worst-case scenario

The top 10% of sites earned a whopping $11,000 a month or a 4-month payback. If you are in a high-traffic location, or a tourist attraction, you might expect this level of revenue.




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What makes Beat Saber VR the most profitable VR game on the planet? It doesn't matter if you consider it on sales per square foot, sales per player position basis, or on revenue per dollar invested; nothing comes close.

Here's the actual data compiled by a national chain of FECs that operate Beat Saber VR, Virtual Rabbids, and Hologate.

Beat Saber VR is the closest thing to a VR slam dunk in the market.

  • No attendant needed
  • Lowest investment
  • No recurring licensing fees
  • Highest revenue
  • Fastest ROI
  • No payments for 6-months


What are you waiting for? Every month you delay could cost you $5-10K in lost revenue.  

Article sourced from: VRsenal