Redesigned Skee-Ball lanes to debut at IAAPA 2019 Expo

Posted on January 01 2023

Bay Tek Entertainment has redesigned its Skee-Ball lanes with a vintage-inspired look and new product upgrades. Patented in 1908, Skee-Ball is the original alley roller game, which has recently been given a significant upgrade. Product design updates and a new look reflect the vintage, handcrafted style of the early 1900s while remaining contemporary.

Skee-Ball Classic retains the look and feel of the original patented alley. Complete with flourishes and detail that was typical of the original vintage, Classic suits vintage or retro-styled locations such as arcade bars, game rooms, lobbies or homes. To satisfy the authentic Skee-Ball purists, it keeps the front and side metal cages, classic sounds and simple point scoring metrics.

Replacing the modern alley version sold today, Skee-Ball Glow is aptly named with its elaborate lighting package and all the styling expected from a boardwalk game in the early 1900s when the game was born. It is well suited to low-lit FECs and game rooms, helping it to stand out among other bright, attention-grabbing games.

“Today’s families are becoming more and more multi-generational and nostalgic brands continue to grow in popularity, with no sign of slowing down,” said Jim Keane, president of Bay Tek Entertainment. “We know that the Skee-Ball brand is familiar and appealing to players and we wanted to invest in that to create even more of a connection with consumers - both with the lanes themselves and with consumer branding.”

Some upgrades on the new lanes include a heavy-duty ball release mechanism with increased life expectancy, laminated plywood that is more durable and scuff-resistant, eye-catching marquees and easy access to electronics in the slide-out header drawer.

“Most notable is our two-year warranty offer,” said Keane. “We fully support the quality of our new lanes and are confident in extending this peace-of-mind to our customers.”

In conjunction with the alley release, Bay Tek is launching a new Skee-Ball website that has a more player-focused user experience. Skee-Ball fans can use the Play Now feature to find lanes nearest to them and can order vintage-styled merchandise.

The new lanes are available in January 2020 and will replace the current models.

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