168D x 180W x 264H CM


A brand-new, 4-player, skill-based ticket redemption game. The 12 mini-games are carefully re-created based on iconic scenes from the movie and feature authentic audio, thus making Jumanji an immensely fun and very addictive game.

Game Features

  • 4-player skill-based video redemption game.
  • Lush jungle-themed cabinet.
  • Featuring movie characters.
  • Unique spinning and button controller.
  • 12 fun and exciting games that attract repeat play.
  • Multibillion-dollar blockbuster movie franchise-based game.
  • A fully lit Jumanji gameboard tracks the player’s progress.
  • Dedicated speakers let each player experience clear audio.
  • Unreal Game Engine delivers crisp immersive graphics.
  • 65” HD Monitor.

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Experience the magic of Jumanji like never before with Sega Amusements’ latest arcade masterpiece – Jumanji Arcade Game: The Video Redemption Game! Based on the hit 2017 and 2019 films from Sony Pictures, this unique arcade piece brings the world’s most immersive board game to life in a thrilling new way. Step into the shoes of one of the four characters – Spencer, Martha, Fridge, or Bethany – and embark on an epic quest to survive the dangers of Jumanji and return to the real world.

Unlike traditional ticket redemption games, Jumanji offers players a deeper and more challenging experience with 12 different minigames inspired by iconic scenes from the movie. Complete these minigames to earn tickets and collect the gem that will unlock the coveted Super Bonus of tickets. Keep track of your progress with the illuminated game board located on the cabinet’s control panel, ensuring that every move brings you closer to victory.

One of the most innovative features of the Jumanji arcade cabinet is its unique spinner and button controller. With a giant button at the center for actions like jumping and a spinner for character movement within the game scene, players can enjoy precise control over their actions. Plus, with four controllers available, up to four people can join in the fun simultaneously, adding a new level of excitement to the arcade experience.

Immerse yourself in the lush jungle-themed cabinet, complete with a multilayered marquee that commands attention from across the arcade. Clear audio is delivered through dedicated control panel speakers, ensuring that every player can enjoy the game’s immersive soundtrack and sound effects, even in noisy arcades. And with stunning graphics displayed on a 65″ HD monitor powered by the popular Unreal Game Engine, the world of Jumanji comes to life like never before.

Whether you prefer physical ticket dispensers or e-Tickets, Jumanji: The Video Redemption Game has you covered. With support for both coin and card swipe transactions, this arcade masterpiece offers a seamless and convenient gaming experience for players of all ages. Don’t miss your chance to embark on an unforgettable adventure – bring Jumanji to your arcade today!

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