SEGA brings the fun energetic and charming character Sonic to kids basketball. Thanks to the smash hit global success of Sonic standard size basketball, operators can now also boost their income with this new game!

Game Features

  • Lowered and wide playfield for kids
  • Two hoops at different heights to accommodate varying player heights and ages
  • Bright, colorful Sonic branded artwork
  • Optional ticket dispensers

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SEGA brings the charming Sonic the Hedgehog in this basketball arcade redemption game, i.e. Sonic Sports Kids Basketball. SEGA has created a this new game specifically designed for younger players. This exciting new game not only captures the fun and energy of Sonic but also offers operators a fantastic opportunity to boost their income.

Game Features

Lowered and Wide Playing Field: Designed with kids in mind, Sega lowered and widened the playing field to ensure it’s accessible and enjoyable for young players. This thoughtful design makes it easier for kids to shoot and score, enhancing their gaming experience and encouraging repeated play.

Dual Hoops for Different Heights: To accommodate players of varying heights and ages, the game features two hoops set at different levels. This inclusivity ensures that children of all sizes can participate, making it a hit among a diverse group of players. The dual hoop design not only broadens the game’s appeal but also adds an extra layer of fun as kids can challenge themselves to score in both hoops.

Bright, Colorful Sonic Branded Artwork: Vibrant and eye-catching Sonic-themed artwork adorns this basketball arcade redemption game. The bright colors and dynamic graphics featuring Sonic and his friends make the game visually appealing and instantly recognizable. This strong branding attracts young fans of the iconic character, drawing them in to play and enjoy the game.

Optional Ticket Dispensers: For added excitement and incentive, the game can be equipped with optional ticket dispensers. This feature allows operators to reward players with tickets, which can be redeemed for prizes. The addition of ticket dispensers not only enhances the overall gaming experience, it encourages players to keep playing. Furthermore, aiming for higher scores and more tickets.

Why Choose Sonic Kids’ Basketball?

Proven Success: The standard-sized Sonic basketball game has already proven itself as a global hit. Moreover, by introducing a version tailored specifically for kids, SEGA leverages the existing popularity of Sonic.

Boost Income: With its engaging gameplay, attractive design, and popular character branding, Sonic Kids’ Basketball is a surefire way for operators to increase their revenue. The game’s ability to captivate young audiences and encourage repeated play translates to higher foot traffic and therefore more earnings.

Inclusive and Fun: The game’s design ensures that it is accessible and enjoyable for kids of all ages and heights. By providing a fun and inclusive gaming experience, Sonic Sports Kids Basketball fosters a welcoming environment equally where all children can play and have fun.

SEGA’s Sonic Sports Kids Basketball is a fantastic addition to any arcade or family entertainment center. Its combination of fun gameplay, and design makes it a must-have for operators looking. It helps boosting their income and provides an engaging experience for young players. Explore our other exciting arcade games and discover more ways to enhance your game room and delight your visitors with Sonic Kids’ Basketball!

Explore our other redemption games here.


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