This water race game is a guaranteed attention grabber with its entertaining gameplay! With Top Spin™ Water Race, there is fun for the whole family!
Guests aim at their targets to make their character spin towards the sky. As the guest’s character goes higher, it rotates on their tower towards the finish. The first guest to reach the very top wins!

Game Features

  • Includes self-contained water system
  • Complete game accounting system
  • Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics
  • Available as a 6 player, 8 player and 10 player.

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Top Spin Water Race is a carnival game by Bob’s Space Racers. It delivers engaging gameplay and fun for everyone in the family! Participants aim at targets to propel their character skyward, initiating a thrilling ascent. As the character rises higher, it spins around their tower, inching closer to the ultimate goal at the top. The objective is clear: be the first to reach the summit to claim victory!

Top Spin Water Race boasts several standout features to enhance the player experience and operational efficiency. It includes a self-contained water system, ensuring easy setup and maintenance while minimizing water consumption. The complete game accounting system facilitates seamless management of gameplay metrics, providing operators with valuable insights into game performance and player engagement.

Bob’s Space Racers’ commitment to quality is evident in the game’s long lasting and easily serviceable electronics. It has a reliable operation and durability over time. This reliability translates to reduced downtime and increased guest satisfaction. Therefore,  making Top Spin Water Race a standout attraction in any entertainment venue.

Moreover, operators can further customize their experience with add-ons such as running lights for added visual appeal and a wireless microphone system to amplify excitement and engagement during gameplay sessions.

Top Spin Water Race by Bob’s Space Racers stands out for venues looking to attract families and offer an interactive. Additionally, it offers a thrilling experience. It combines skill, strategy, and excitement in a visually dynamic setting.


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