Get ready for excitement as you aim for the backlit target and watch as the character races to the top of the game. The first guest to reach the very top of their track wins!
Vertical Water™ is a “must-have” game for any park operation that is looking for an economical way to add a high-capacity, popular group game to their location. Providing fun for guests of any age, Vertical Water™ is sure to be entertaining for any guest.

Game Features

  • Includes stock display shelves that create an attractive wall of prizes
  • Includes self-contained water system
  • Complete game accounting system
  • Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics
  • Available as a 8 player, 110 player and 12 player.

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Vertical Water Race stands as a beloved classic among carnival games. This carnival game is known for its universal appeal and simple gameplay that guarantees to engage crowds of all ages. In this vertical water carnival game, participants aim their water guns at illuminated targets to ascend along the channel towards the ultimate goal, i.e., the finish line. The race becomes difficult as players go with a plan and aim. Thus, with the first to reach the endpoint becomes victorious!

This attraction is designed with operator ease and player fun in mind. Available exclusively in a line-up format, this vertical water carnival game is user-friendly and requires minimal supervision. Consequently, it makes an ideal addition to any FEC setting.

Vertical Water carnival game features an automatic water system, making sure to have efficient water usage and easy maintenance. Moreover, its quick setup and the teardown process allows for easy and quick transitions between events or locations..

Operators benefit from the game’s built-in accounting system, It provides detailed tracking of gameplay statistics and operational metrics. Additionally, an attractive marquee enhances visibility and reinforces the game’s presence as a standout attraction.

Vertical Water Race by Bob’s Space Racers brings timeless entertainment. It combines simplicity with excitement, giving an engaging experience that keeps guests excited and returning for more.

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