Take the fight to the Axis Forces and save the world from the “Phantom Armor” in this unique War video game

Allied Tank Attack offers three games in one: 

  • Story Mode – Fight over two campaigns across Europe, battling enemies and giant bosses as you seek out the enemy HQ to put an end to the war once and for all. The story unfolds through characters and voice acting as you progress across the continent
  • Battle Mode – Mainly designed for link play, this is also available in single player where you fight the computer. It is a straight-forward mission where you are to destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours (within the given time limit)
  • Survival Mode – See how long you can survive against wave after wave of enemy vehicles and tanks – including some of the giant bosses! Collect power-ups like the rocket, extra health, and extra time.



  • Motion simulator using innovative AIR motion system
  • Deep gameplay with three modes providing fun for everyone
  • Single-seat configuration can link up to four cabinets for multiplayer war!
  • Design your own tank on every play to see what works best for you. Choose from 6 base tanks and 10 turret configurations.
  • Force feedback yoke steering controller plus force feedback seat that rumbles and provides G-Force during boosts!

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