• The ultimate family friendly Player vs Player VR game!
  • 4-player party game - fun for the whole family! 
  • 495 Unique game combinations
  • Spectator mode and leaderboards for competitive play
  • Unique feature – Random Levels Added Every New Game! 18 whopping game levels randomized to keep players coming back!

A 4 player VR Attraction with unparalleled Curb Appeal & Optimized Footprint containing media experiences that encourage repeat play

  • Made for FECs & Arcades, this VR attraction boasts a Small footprint + High throughput that ensures a rapid recovery on Investment.
  • Spectator Monitor and Leader Boards attract new customers with real-time Gameplay broadcast live
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use by a single operator
  • Game analytics tracking tools for reports on the financial performance of the attraction
  • Library of quality, engaging games built for replay, developed by proven AAA rated Video Game Veterans


  • New Player vs Player VR game
  • Physically active, socially engaging, competitive VR fun
  • Amaze new users and engage players of all levels
  • E-Sports like attract feature entertains spectators, draws attention as well as new players!
  • Randomized virtual maps deliver play variety, Power-ups and advanced weapons to keep players coming back

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