This game is a racing game that simulates the canoe racing. The player needs to control the oar to go forward, and pick up the tools and avoid the obstacles to get score. There are four scenes in the game: the mysterious forest, the beach, the ice polar region and the volcanoes. The difficulty is different for each scene, which is more interesting and attractive. 


  • Row rapidly to speed up.
  • Change the direction by pressing down the blade.
  • Pick up the tools, and it can make you more advantageous
  • Avoid the obstacles to go faster. Contains a 43 inches screen. 

How to Play

  • Insert coins and press the “start” button on the oar.
  • Row the oar to choose roles and scenes, and the game begins.
  • Row the oar to go forward and turn left and right, you can pick up the tools and coins  which can help you get higher score.
  • After game, the higher score you get, the more tickets you will win.



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