In Dark Escape 4D, players must escape from a crazy scientist's lair, wearing 3D goggles as the horror unfolds before them. Players must destroy zombies and work strategically to escape the lair; all while being attacked by crazy, bloodthirsty undead enemies. 

When you get up close to a zombie, you won't just see and hear it; you'll actually feel it breathing down your neck. Feel a bang? Yes, literally: the seat will actually tremble underneath you.


Game Features:

  • Escape the crazy scientist's lair!
  • Destroy all zombies & terrifying creatures that prevent you from escaping
  • 4 Spooky stages to complete & 1 added bonus stage
  • 2 Player game-play
  • Scores are based on how well players shoot & work together as a team


Cabinet Features:

  • High quality 46" LCD screen
  • Stunning 3D HD graphics - zombies leap out at you from the screen!
  • Gun grip sensors - monitors player heart rates (every time their heart jumps it is recorded as a "panic attack")
  • Specialist 'rumble' seat - shakes in sync with bangs
  • Air cannons - provide wind effects to make players feel zombies & monsters are breathing down their necks!
  • State of the art Dolby 5.1 surround sound system - includes 7 speakers & 1 sub-woofer 
  • 2 x Large machine guns
  • Zombie-themed art decals
  • Antibacterial coated 3D glasses included

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