Dido Kart is a kid-friendly kart racing arcade game.

Featuring a story involving the “Jade Emperor” and animals vying for their spot on the Chinese Zodiac, Dido Kart lets players race on fantastic courses while gathering items that can help turn the race in their favor.

Race from five (5) different courses as a Panda, Dragon, Penguin, Cheetah, Sheep or Monkey. Setting this apart from other ‘kart’ genre racers is the motion base which has been designed to mimic the feel of the road and the movement of the car.


  • Included air compressor and air bladder base for excellent motion simulation
  • Green label, Kid-friendly content
  • Five courses and six characters to choose from
  • Gather offensive and defensive items as you race, using them to your advantage
  • 42″ HD display
  • Motion Range: ROLL: ±13.5° / PITCH: ±6.5° / HEAVE: 10 cm per car

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