Test your aim during timed stages!

Single-player light-gun shooting game. Aim at the lit-up bottles and shoot them down.

Realistic, mechanical bottle target shooting experience creates fun and repeat play as players hone their skills for the top score.

Players are given a limited amount of bullets and time to finish each of the 8 levels. Levels increase in difficulty with faster moving targets and reduced time to shoot the lit-up targets.

Bonus rounds are encountered every two levels, while the final bonus round pushing players to go for the big bonus ticket winnings.



  • A true test of accurate and skillful shooting
  • Single-player setup; control the action using the realistic force feedback handgun
  • Four moving targets that “break” and reset themselves
  • 8 levels of play with bonus rounds; finish the final round to win the Ticket or Point Bonus
  • Play for fun (Amusement Mode) or for Tickets (Ticket play is set to ‘ON’ by default.)
  • LED counters show: Bonus (or Top Score); Bullets left; Time left; Current score & Target Score
  • Compact & sharp looking cabinet; great for banking units together!
  • LED lighting to make the cabinet stand out
  • Biohazard themed artwork and look

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