• This is a water game based on the theme of fire fighting & exciting rescue!
  •  There are four scenes, played from the perspective of a first person, along with thrilling and rhythmic sound effects, creating an exciting and immersive experience for the players.
  • The cabinet design is colorful with eye catching LED lights, attracting players of all ages to play!
  • It's fun, easy, addictive GAMEPLAY encourages Repeat Play. 

Game Features: 

  • Rotating Water Gun. A motor gear is used to make the water Gun rotate, which adds a thrill element to the exciting gameplay! 
  • Realistic flame effect of top light. It uses an atomizer to produce mist, and the mist goes through the light box through a blowing system, which creates a realistic flame effect.

How to Play

  •  Insert coins, choose the scenes, and the game begins. 
  •  Control the water gun to shoot the fire and fire monsters.
  • The higher you score, the more tickets you shall win. .

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