Prepare your location for reopening with the Hands-Free Sanitizer Station. Ideal for high-volume locations like Airports, Banks, Financial institutions, schools, metro stations, malls, etc. This is child-friendly, 100% mechanical, foot pedal operated, easy, and safe to use. Manufactured right here in the UAE, you can customize it with your brand’s message of safety. Hands-Free is highly visible and is devoid of the hassles faced by similar infra-red machines. It requires no power, batteries, or sensors!


  • Touch-free with no sensors
  • Foot pedal operated. 100% mechanical
  • Highly brandable with your safety message
  • Designed for high footfall locations like theme parks, waterparks, malls, fec’s, hotels, clinics, etc.
  • Economical, heavy-duty, eco friendly


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