Game Features

  • A competitive target shooting game that drives traffic to the venue by unlocking rewards through every play
  • Pop culture themes, live global leader boards, a free companion App, multiple levels of difficulty and an endless arsenal of weapons that encourage competitive & repeat play
  • Players can use the App to find the closest game and push notifications alert users directly through their phones with updates and promotions, enticing them back to the arcade
  • The App also helps players track their progress against live global leader boards
  • 1or 2 player game

How To Play

  • Players unlock rewards after each stage, which can be used to create and upgrade custom weapons in the game’s free companion App (OUTNUMBERED : WEAPONFORGE)
  • Progress is saved every time Players log out and they can climb the leader board by using the App to log in at the cabinet, and pick up where they left off.

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