• An Award Winning Ticket Redemption Game. 
  • From the team that brought you the super hit ‘Fishbowl Frenzy’, this latest game – Launch Code won the IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2016.
  • Players attempt to drop four balls, released from a single button player control, and hit the fuel targets below.
  • The more targets you hit, the higher Codey (Launch Code’s lovable, in-game alien character) launches towards his home planet and the more tickets you win! Spectacular On-screen Interactive 3D Animations, vibrant LED lights, and upbeat sounds combined with 100% Mechanical Skill Game Play make this a Player Experience that is out of this world!
  • There’s nothing too complicated about the gameplay either, ensuring its appeal to all ages.
  • 100 percent skill play with no obstructions on the Playfield
  • A giant 65″ LCD screen with an Embedded Playfield.
  • A 20” LED Attraction Screen
  • HD graphics enhance the mechanical aspects of the game.
  • D105 X W102 X H246 cm

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