• Players will experience the immersive spy world of Mission Impossible when they enter this 4 player Super Deluxe Attraction Cabinet 
  • The gameplay sees players complete 9 stages across 3 action-packed missions
  • Designed to look like the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) safehouse, the interiors are full of details that convey the feel of the top-secret high-tech hideout
  • Edge lighting on the control area and on subwoofers, spot player lighting and LED floor lighting strips not only floods more light in the cabinet but also immerse the player in the hi-tech feel of the game
  • All the fast-paced action takes place on two huge 55” HD screens
  • Video camera feed shows the leading team player’s face in-game, adding a touch of competitive spirit
  • Four powerful bass shakers embedded in the floor in conjunction with surround sound and subwoofers lets players experience all the explosive action
  • The brand-new dual pistol controllers are the next stage in-game controller technology. The new controller allows a greater range of motion, smoother movement, great accuracy and its ergonomic design, makes gameplay very comfortable. 

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