Get into the swing with Monopoly Roll ‘N Go!

Skillfully spin multi-color LED-lit dice to land on properties and win tickets.


Cabinet Features

  • The latest arcade iteration of a beloved board gaming classic
  • Large Mr. Monopoly side art figures help customers identify the game from afar
  • Exclusive to arcades made especially for ticket redemption
  • Striking cabinet design that is unlike any other redemption game on the market
  • Giant, diffused RGB LED-lit dice controller. Just spin to win!
  • Features two vertically-mounted HD screens to make for one large screen appearance
  • Collect board spaces from the same color family to win the MONOPOLY BONUS!
  • Fun sounds & animations
  • Operator adjustable ticket settings


Game Features


Players SKILLFULLY spin the LED-Lit dice to land on properties. Collect the same color family to win a MONOPOLY BONUS


A perfect social media opportunity with MR. Monopoly! Create a buzz online with this beautiful-looking game.


Players have the opportunity to win 2x the tickets when they put in 2x the credits.

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