Plants vs. Zombies™ The Last Stand – 60”puts the player at the control of a Pea-shooter that fires peas to destroy zombies! The more zombies you destroy the more tickets you win!
If all Zombie Waves are destroyed, the player wins the bonus. At the end of the game a QR Code is displayed which allows players to register their score online in a global high-score table. Players can also earn unlock codes that can then be used to change the game in crazy new ways!

  • Operator tip: Use your Key Master, Axe Master, UFO Catcher or your elaut cranes & load them with the Plants Vs Zombies plush and merchandise to create a larger presence around your Plants Vs Zombies game!
  • Sure-shot attraction piece with a huge 60” screen!
  • Fun unlocks to discover
  • Led lit peashooter
  • 10 gardens to defend
  • Online leaderboards

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