Do you have what it takes to lead the Rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire? Tap into the Light Side of the Force and take the lead with Star Wars Battle Pod.

Players not only see the action all around them but actually FEEL the action through the Force Feedback Joystick, in addition to thundering bass from a subwoofer installed inside the cockpit seat. Players feel the rumble when they shoot down enemy ships!

As you fly through the levels, your objective is to blast the enemies that are indicated on your screen with arrows.



  • Officially-licensed Star Wars product with input from Lucasfilm in the game design
  • Arcade Exclusive – beyond the software not being available on console or mobile, the hardware on this game cannot be replicated by a home device!
  • Top-of-the-line graphics produced with the Unreal Engine 4
  • Play levels based on the popular “Original Trilogy”: Death Star battle @ Yavin; The Battle of Hoth; Mission on Endor; Death Star Battle II and a unique level made just for this game – Darth Vaders Revenge!
  • View change button allows players to display a virtual cockpit of their fighter if they wish
  • The large seamless dome screen is unlike any other display in the arcade.
  • Link two units for Teamplay scoring and player avatars provided by the built-in cameras
  • Feel the speed increase as you push the throttle thanks to the wind blower under the screen

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