• Unique, Competitive, Interactive and Engaging VR 2 PLAYER Arcade Simulator
  • Look No controllers! A one-of-a-kind VR gaming experience in which players do not hold a controller – but play the game by moving their hands and arms around to collect points and power ups.
  • MORE THAN A THRILL RIDE. Features two competing players sitting side-by-side on motion seats
  • Features Wind effects, Motion and content exclusive to the ride
  • Large Attract Mode Screen to enable spectators understand the game play and attract repeat play.
  • Great Visual Spectacle for onlookers as the action of the players attracts more customers to play the game.
  • From the makers of the Best Motion Attractions in the world, TRIOTECH
  • Equipped Two Brilliant VR Movie Software custom created for the Storm VR Cabinet  and a 3rd Software will be added in 2021 at no extra cost

The Storm™ is Triotech’s new interactive VR coin-op simulator ride. It features 2 motion seats and special effects like wind to provide an amazing and thrilling ride. A one-of-a-kind VR gaming experience in which players interact by simply waving their hands!

Multiplayer, Challenging and Interactive, STORM VR is a new plug & play coin-op simulator with a wide audience appeal! The hand-gesture interactivity drives replayability as players compete to get the highest score and then play again to better their score.

New Movie Software will be added each year to Storm’s content library for operators to purchase at a nominal cost.

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