Hot cars, roaring turbo engines, aerodynamic body kits, and reckless speeds encompass the thrill of playing Street Racing Stars.

It’s the world of underground street racing brought to the arcade. Select your ride and soup it up to your liking then take it to the streets in a bid to cross the finish line first. Each track takes place at night and the simulator experience is further enhanced using the specially designed motion base system. Feel each bump and turn of your car on the streets in this intense simulator game!



  • 3-axis motion to provide the best simulation experience
  • 18 selectable and recognized sports cars to choose from
  • Upgrade your vehicle with aerodynamic body kits that you earn as you play
  • 15 tracks to race on along with 5 leagues to compete in
  • Graphics displayed on a 42″ HD screen
  • Standard driving controls (force feedback steering wheel, gas/brake pedal, up/down shifter, view change button).
  • Linkable up to four units

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