This remake of the arcade classic comes with brand new characters and completely redesigned courses. Super Alpine Racer has a vertically mounted 55″ HD monitor with multi-colored LEDs infused into the t-moldings of the cabinet! The multi-pivot platform simulates the movements of a downhill skier. Feel the wind through your hair from the built-in air blowers and shoot through the gates to gain an additional boost to speed past your opponents while performing insane tricks in the air.


  • Choose from various characters who have different stats and tricks
  • Three different ski courses; hit the gates for a quick boost
  • Simulator style pivot foot controls and ski handles
  • Integrated wind blower simulates the feel of racing down a mountain
  • The smooth 60FPS graphics are captured on a 55″ vertically mounted HD monitor
  • Multi-color RGB LEDs are integrated into the cabinet T-molding
  • Connect up to 8 units for the ultimate multiplayer race!

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