• Fun for all ages, this 100% skill-based, 4-player game is simple to play. Players push the button to engage the sweeping arm in attempt to try to knock off the tower of tickets on the revolving playfield.
  • Skillfully players have to time the release of the arm just right to win the novel tower of ticket bundles worth various ticket values.
  • Bright colors and beautifully lit, this game is a great addition to any FEC. The winner beacon will create more players as it goes off celebrating with the winner.
  • Operators don’t need to reload the ticket towers or exchange the ticket towers for tickets at the redemption counter.
  • When a player successfully drops the tower of tickets into the prize hole, the rfid chip within the ticket tower is sensed automatically and the game ticket dispenser simply dispenses the amount of tickets won by the player.
  • The ticket tower is automatically reloaded to the game playfield.

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