Join forces with Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Optimus Prime in the latest Transformers action-adventure game.

With two fixed guns and high-quality screens, players can get fully involved in their adventure alongside the Autobots.

As the players progress, they'll be challenged with a series of missions across five levels in West America, Africa, England, East America, and North America. In multiplayer mode, there's an exciting Alliance Fire feature, which allows both players to lock on to the same target.



  • Designed for 2 players
  • 55” LCD with surround sound & LED lighting features
  • Large rear viewing window
  • Find the "All Spark" before the Decepticons, destroying them all in the process!
  • Choose to battle alongside Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, or Sideswipe
  • Defend continents across 5 gaming levels: West America, Africa, England, East America, and North America
  • "Alliance Fire" feature: Allows 2 players to lock onto the same target
  • Friendship Meter: Displayed at the end of each level to show how well you have worked with your transformer and human player

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