• Battle it out as Autobot or a Decepticon in the Transformers Training academy.
  • Engaging PLAYER vs PLAYER VR Action.  EVERY BOT FOR THEMSELVES. Battle it out to find out who is the best.
  • Exclusive IP of a Blockbuster Hollywood Brand that is very popular in the MENA Region
  • Choose your favorite character and battle it out over 3 different Arenas
  • New Arenas to be added each year as upgrades.
  • High Repeat Playability.
  • The industry’s smallest footprint 4 player VR system. Just 4m x 4m of space needed for a 4 PLAYER Attraction.
  • Attracts players of all ages with its highly recognizable brand name and characters like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
  • Massive 110” wide Video Screen Topper for maximum attention and Attraction promotion (Attract Loops, Live Gameplay and competitive Leader Boards)
  • Striker Arena Infinity gun controllers with realistic Haptic and Recoil effects
  • Hundreds of unique Game Combinations – The Anchor Attraction for your location


TRANSFORMERS: VR BATTLE ARENA is a free-for-all player-versus-player battle for up to 4 players. Players move from platform to platform to avoid their opponent or to track them down for a confrontation. The attraction features 3 different epic-scale environments: Players can battle through a downtown cityscape, slug it out around a refinery, or take their battle to the docks.

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