Vader Immortal - Lightsaber Dojo

Face off against Darth Vader in the first Star Wars themed VR arcade game


Game Play & Cabinet Features

  • Multiple levels of difficulty and Multiple Light Sabers + Weapons to choose from
  • Battle waves of stormtroopers, combat droids, and fearsome enemies
  • Use the Force to grab and throw objects and shoot devastating lightning at enemies
  • Face off with Darth Vader in a heart-stopping lightsaber battle
  • Eye-catching cabinet with Attractive Star Wars themed rust finish
  • 75” 4K Display Screen to attract players
  • Attendant Free, Fully Automated with Dynamic Cable Retraction System, Always Charged Controllers, HTC Vive Pro Commercial Grade Headset, 300w Hi-Fi Sound System
  • Small and powerful - Only 36 sq ft of floor space
  • High throughput for fast ROI - 15 players per hour
  • Debit Card Ready


Choose Your Lightsaber & Embrace The Force

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