1. Unique Zombie Theme design. Game’s Head Marquee, Water Guns, Console, Seat Tail Part, were all produced by variety moulds, with detailed graphics & rich lights effects.

2. With high quality PC, reasonable mechanical design and steady emphasis on Quality. 

3. Skill video water shooting game for 2 players, with 4 level games, each level with a 5 minutes game. Each Level has its own boss to fight, keeping the players engrossed and engaged.  

4. With small and big water gun feature, players can use the water gun to freeze attacking zombies & shoot frozen corpses again to eliminate the zombie permanently. Players can also pick up a big water prop to increase water gun power with an in-built 'for feature', making the gameplay more interesting. 

5. Suitable for different ages players, kids, young people or adult!

6. Best Income water machine in FEC!


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