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Transform Bowling to New Heights!


At ASI, we provide end-to-end bowling solutions, guiding you through every step, from initial planning to the final roll of the ball. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to your unique needs. From assisting in the selection of the right equipment to installing lanes, furnishing the space with suitable furniture, and optimizing lighting for the perfect ambiance, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your bowling alley exceeds expectations.

Successful bowling centers develop an environment that draws customers in and keeps them returning, thus driving F&B. At ASI, we embody this ethos with our ‘Make it Social’ approach, ensuring that every aspect of our comprehensive solutions not only enhances the bowling experience but also fosters social interaction and community engagement.

So whether you are modernizing an existing center or building the next social bowling experience, we at ASI offer everything you need in collaboration with Brunswick, from the pinsetters to the front desk.



GS NXT Pinsetter

The GS NXT is the next generation of free fall GS® Series pinsetters. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering expertise, and ability to integrate the latest technology have culminated in the most forward-thinking pinsetter ever designed. The GS NXT delivers all the advantages of GS Series pinsetters, with improvements designed to reduce labor requirements, enhance the guest experience, reduce the cost of ownership, and provide peace of mind. The Brunswick GS NXT is the only free-fall pinsetter powered by technology capable of growing with your center’s evolving business needs.


Simple To Maintain

Easy access to all motors and drivetrains from the lane surface


Unsurpassed Reliability

GS NXT’s mechanical scoring ensures that bowlers’ scores are always accurate.


Extreme Efficiency

GS NXT runs on three-phase power for higher quality, more efficient motors and only requires one source to power two pinsetters.

BOOST ST Pinsetter

Boost ST string pinsetter incorporates advanced sport technologies to elevate performance, safety, operational efficiency, and the bowler experience. As the industry’s proven USBC-certified dual purpose string pinsetter, Boost accommodates both the demands of league and tournament play and the high-volume activity of open play. Different by design, the USBC-certified dual-purpose Boost ST is the only cloud-enabled string pinsetter built to last and adapt as business needs change.


One-of-a-kind 360 Controller


Plug & Play with any System


Commercial Grade Equipement


Reduce Labor & Operating Cost


Ensure Optimal Performance with Proto Operations App


Safest Pinsetter to Date

Stringpin-1 Stringpin-1

Stringpin Pinsetter

Simple to Operate:

Features a simple design with fewer moving parts, a touchscreen with an intuitive user interface, and state-of-the-art safety features.


Exceptionally reliable, with a self-detangling mode allowing less downtime. Spare parts can be easily replaced on site.

Future-Proof Technology:

The 360 Controller provides real-time machine setting control and troubleshooting.

Enhanced Guest Experience:

Exclusive on-demand pin setting lets bowlers enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements.

Spark Let us Light it Up

New Augmented Games

Spark’s fast, fun, engaging games encourage socialization while letting bowlers choose their own adventures. Guests can select their Spark experience directly on their Sync tablets, choosing from more than 15 animation themes and even projecting their own photos onto the lane.

Spark also brings your guests’ favorite Sync games to life on the lanes, from the mass appeal of Angry Birds to the team-building competition provided by Rival Rumble, Spark turns the lane into an interactive part of the scoring experience.


Bring Your Spark With Sync Games

spark-1 spark-2

Hardware Package

Revolutionary on-lane projection experience combined with Spark’s hardware automation simplifies ongoing management, and advanced laser projection technology lowers total cost of ownership.

  1. No moving parts, no components accessible to guests
  2. Operate using existing sync scoring tablet
  3. 4 spark nodes per lane pair, each containing an integrated projector, tracking sensor, and ir lighting
  4. Light ring at the base of each node indicates the system status as well as any errors
  5. 20,000+ hour laser projector lamp life

Sync Magnus™



Sync Magnus—Is designed to make your life easier, increase your profitability and competitive advantages, lower your risk, optimize staff efficiency, and delight your guests. Magnus incorporates leading-edge self-service and mobile technologies that deliver convenience and personalization. Sync Magnus automates the entire bowling purchase process, from taking an online or in-center Kiosk reservation through sending waitlist updates to issuing the lane when it’s ready—all without staff intervention.

Sync walks the customer through every step of the process, driving revenue and cross-selling. At the same time, your staff is freed up to solve problems and focus on ensuring an exceptional guest experience


Attraction Management

Sync’s new attraction management feature enables you to sell and manage access to diverse attractions like trampolines, soft play, or ropes courses. Guests will love the seamless check-in and check out process, which also includes the ability to pay any overtime fees automatically, reducing the need for staff assistance and elevating the customer experience.


Digital Waivers

The cloud-based digital waiver can be used for any of your attractions, such as ropes courses, ninja warrior gym activities, trampolines, and other extreme sports requiring legal sign-off before participation. Guests can sign the waiver from any mobile device or PC before they arrive. Sync’s release liability waiver is customizable, allowing you to collect the information you need.


Mobile Server Stations

Sync MPOS tablets are rich with features that your staff will love! MPOS can now issue and extend lanes, making it the perfect operational fit for a bowling entertainment center. Staff can freely move throughout the center, engage with customers, upsell additional services, issue new or extended bowling sessions, and process payment and event gratuities all on one tablet without returning to the front desk


Sync Service Kiosk

Our new self-service kiosk was designed to alleviate labor concerns while enhancing the guest experience. The fully integrated, automated technology reduces wait times, streamlines ordering, improves accuracy, and upsells on every transaction, all while offering the instant gratification your guests seek.



OpenLane®mobile app increases customer engagement by making it easier and more rewarding to stay connected with your center. Users can sign onto waitlists for bowling, restaurants, or other attractions, track and share scoring achievements, earn reward points based on spend and activity, and access exclusive specials and coupons.


Order Now

OrderNow provides lane-side on-demand food-and-beverage ordering from the scoring tablet. Bowlers can easily access your full menu in a highly visual and interactive format to order and reorder as they choose.


Center Stage™

Outstanding performance, flexibility, and show stopping style. Give every customer the best seat in the house with center stage.

Center Stage bowling furniture includes a wide variety of modular and freestanding components that can be arranged in practically infinite ways to meet your center’s needs.

Make quick set changes in minutes to seT up for league bowling during the day, a party on several lanes at night, and open bowling the next day.

Center Stage offers a wide collection of fabrics, f inishes, and optional features that make it an even more versatile and popular



Improve scores, eliminate downtime for repairs, and make your center gleam with the best-selling bowling lanes ever made. Whether you choose Pro Lane™ – the best-selling lane of all time or Anvilane™ – the solid value choice, you won’t be disappointed.







For a more sophisticated feel, you can also create lanes in a wide variety of wood grain options or turn up the fun by creating bright, colorful lanes using almost any color in the spectrum.

Dynamic Lighting Systems


Lightworx® Division Lighting System


Lightworx® Division Lighting System

Bowling Layout Dimensions


Duckpin Social

'Variety of dimensions to suit your needs.

Duckpin Social bowlers use a smaller-sized ball without finger holes, and each player is allowed up to three rolls per frame. Duckpin Bowling is easier and more approachable than traditional bowling. Like bowling, Duckpin Social appeals to young and old, drives food and beverage sales, keeps guests on the property longer, encourages repeat visits, and builds guest loyalty.

  1. Cost Saving

    With Duckpin Social lanes, you will need far less space to create an all-age group bowling experience, thus saving on space to add more variants to your operations and space rentals.

  2. Dynamic

    Designed for restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, resorts, community living—anywhere and everywhere, people gather for fun. Delivers maximum fun (and revenue) in a mere one-third of the space required for standard bowling.

  3. Captivating

    Players don’t need to hunt for a particular ball (one size fits all) or rent shoes (wear your own!). Easy for kids to enjoy but challenging for adults to master.

  4. Distinct

    With hundreds of entertainment options, customers seek social, engaging experiences; Duckpin Social creates a unique and lasting impression that builds loyal customers.

  5. Rewarding

    Sync Scoring tablets drive F&B revenue with on-demand service, while the Sync Center Operating System’s automated, cloud-based marketing platform cross-promotes, upsells, and keeps your business top of mind.

  6. Easygoing

    Duckpin Social’s compact, durable StringPin pinsetter features fewer parts and adjustments than the traditional kind; it even auto-detects any tangles and automatically rights the pins.

Standard Lane


Bowling Accessories

Custom Bowling Balls
Modwall Kidney
Shield Player Seating
MYBALL™ House Balls
Modwall Kidney