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Turning Ideas into Reality!


The basic necessities for a successful FEC in the Middle East can probably be pared down to a short formula: A bank of good cranes, 50 per cent ticket redemption games, a good photo booth, some table sports games and a midway-type group game. In the latter category, most go no further than Bob’s Space Racers, the US company with a tradition for the traditional. Roll-down, water pistol or tossing beanbags in fun-filled competition with others really appeals to the Middle East’s family-centric audiences.

“The region has a rapidly growing population, a large proportion of which are young. They want entertainment and leisure activities. Additionally, the region is a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors each year. This creates a large potential customer base for entertainment and amusement projects that will include our products. So as the region grows, so will that demand.”
Asked which of the many hundreds of group games that BSR has fed into the MENA market over the years has been the most notable, Cook said: “If I had to pick one game that has been most successful, I would have to say our Whopper water game. It stands just over six meters tall and can be seen from some distance away! The full wall of plush display is sure to capture everyone’s attention.
The whole global market is back open and running now.

I feel that there are still a few remaining issues; labor seems to be more difficult to find; material prices seem to be higher.”
That makes no difference now to BSR’s best markets – in the Middle East that means the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They are following the trends – in fact often creating the trends these days – that are influencing the international market’s movements. “I would have to say that social gaming is on the rise. In the case of the amusement industry, this manifests itself as transforming traditional gaming experiences by placing a strong emphasis on social interaction and community engagement. Unlike conventional solo gameplay, social gaming brings people together through a shared space, encouraging collaboration, competition and communication among players. The trend leverages the power of real time scoring and leaderboard capabilities with multiplayer playability to create immersive gaming environments where individuals can connect, compete and form strong bonds.”

The difference between BSR and most other manufacturers of amusement equipment is that its products are not as technology-led as those of other developers. BSR has made its name through the design and build of custom games; the customer knows what he wants and asks BSR to make it. The design team then goes to work, often utilizing new technologies in order to make work the ideas, themes or play cycles that the buyer has asked for. That means that many of its products are one-offs, built to the exact specification of an FEC operator. “We will always have the capability to adapt new technology into our games,” said Cook. “In most cases, customers come to us with an idea and we do everything in our power to make it become a reality.”


This year will see BSR coming up with a crop of new games. They will be extensively site tested and some, but not all, will go into production; the cream of them appearing at the IAAPA show in Orlando, US, in November, but not until the company is satisfied that it does what they expect of it. Distributor ASI hosted the Top Glo on its stand and Cook, Sandstrom and Steele was on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.