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Leisure & Attraction Industry Events: What’s on the Horizon


The Leisure, Entertainment, and Attraction industry stands at the cusp of a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, and industry folks can feel the pulse of this vibrant sector at various trade shows and events around the globe. If you’re a FEC operator, you’re likely already privy to the latest releases of attractions and games from the IAAPA Orlando show that just wrapped up in 2023. Often likened to a Disneyland for FEC operators, distributors, investors, and arcade enthusiasts alike, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) unfurls a captivating showcase of the latest, most avant-garde developments shaping the industry.

What’s the scoop?
From high-tech racing sims that feel like you’re on the track to redemption games that mess with your skills and luck, it was a playground of innovation.

The ASI crew saw some new and newly decorated games this year. Goatz n Ropes from Baytek looked very different, innovative, and fun play. The game has already tested well at two locations and is expected to be available starting March 2024 for the Middle Eastern Market.
Apex Rebels from SEGA is a fantastic Driver with Motion and a very engaging racing when linked with multiple units. Another latest skill-based redemption game from SEGA called Zombies: Ready Deady Go looks promising and has competitive gameplay. LAI has released a 2-player flying simulator called Air Strike and a couple of coin-pushers called Dragon’s Bane and Comic Spire, respectively.
The new open QUBE, now called Super Blaster, from Triotech, looks impressive and plays really well. Ace Amusements has an exciting line-up of games, including a Jet Ski-themed video arcade game called Wave Riders X-treme, an Arabian-themed ticket redemption game called Genie’s Jewel, and a 4-player water-shooting game called Wild Things Wipe Out.
On the VR side, Spree has launched a new futuristic free-roam VR experience called the VR Cyberrealm that transports guests into fantasy worlds.


We also have the super fun, IP-based attraction from Major Mega called Spongebob Squarepants Dynamic Duo, a 2-player attendant-free VR attraction like no other, with each player having their own unique gameplay experience. More about all the new games represented by ASI for the MENA region will be available.

What’s 2024 looking like?
Hold onto your tokens because 2024 is shaping up to be even bigger and wilder. First up, we’re hopping over to India for the IAAPI Expo. It’s a peek into India’s amusement scene, and we know it will be a rollercoaster of fun and excitement.

Next stop – DEAL show in Dubai. Dubai doesn’t do anything small, and DEAL is no exception. We’re talking about a showcase of the latest and greatest in arcade gaming, attractions, and entertainment. Get ready for a fantastic line-up of games and attractions that will be a feast for the senses.

And then, we’re off to Saudi Arabia for SEA Expo. Saudi Arabia’s not just about oil anymore – it’s investing big time in entertainment, and the SEA Expo is proof. The latest arcade games, amusement park designs, and entertainment solutions will be displayed. It’s like a magic carpet ride into the future of KSA’s Leisure and Entertainment industry.

The convergence of cutting-edge technologies, innovative games & attractions, and global networking opportunities continues to drive the evolution of arcade entertainment. Whether in India, Dubai, or Saudi Arabia, these events promise to be platforms for inspiration, collaboration, and the unveiling of the next wave of arcade marvels. The journey into the future of arcade entertainment has just begun, and the excitement is palpable.