The Baby Air enables even the youngest to enjoy the fun. Mounted on shorter legs, with brightly decorated cabinet and illuminated playfield the Baby Air includes a deep, anti-flip puck rail for extra peace of mind and a bevelled rebound strip for an even more exciting game.

Game Features

  • Methacrylate playfield: A revolutionary material transforming air hockey design.
  • Superior to cheaper vinyl alternatives, methacrylate offers unmatched strength and lightning-quick gameplay.
  • Crystal-clear quality enables limitless customization, from sports field designs to corporate branding.
  • SAM anti-flip top rails: Keep the puck on the table and prevent it from falling onto the floor.
  • Sculpted pucks: Aerodynamically designed for maximum speed and minimal lift.
  • SAM bats: Angled to protect players’ hands and optimized for use with SAM pucks.
  • Complete package design: Rails, playfield, pucks, and bats work seamlessly together for optimal performance.
  • Puck options: Red, blue, or yellow pucks for maximum speed; orange pucks for softer, slower gameplay.
  • Non-SAM accessories may cause issues such as jamming the puck door, failing to trigger the goal sensor, or flying off the table, compromising the player experience.

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The Baby Evo air hockey table is a compact powerhouse that radiates with vibrant internal lighting, synchronized color-changing displays, and a captivating color scheme. Despite its diminutive stature in height, this table boasts immense gameplay potential, making it a perfect addition to any arcade or home entertainment space. Designed with children in mind, it features a playing surface height of just 70cm, ensuring accessibility and safety for younger players.

Safety is paramount with the Baby Evo, evident in its anti-flip safety rail integrated into the edge of the playfield. This feature provides added security, preventing accidental slips or falls during intense gameplay sessions. Additionally, the table’s beveled rebound strip enhances gameplay dynamics, facilitating smoother puck movement and more engaging interactions.

Equipped with a remote-controlled color-changing light and sound display, the Baby Evo offers a multisensory experience that captivates players of all ages. Its colorful finish, complemented by a backlit playfield and an illuminated overhead scoring display, creates an immersive atmosphere that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Featuring a generous playing surface measuring 77 x 127cm, the Baby Evo ensures ample room for exciting matches while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for both commercial premises and home use. The methacrylate playing surface guarantees durability and low-friction gameplay, ensuring smooth puck movement and prolonged enjoyment.

Backed by a 12-month manufacturer warranty, the Baby Evo provides peace of mind, assuring customers of its quality and reliability. Each unit comes complete with high-quality SAM Leisure pushers, pucks, and spare felts, ensuring that players can enjoy countless matches without worrying about equipment wear or damage.

In summary, the Baby Evo air hockey table offers an enticing blend of compact design, child-friendly features, and immersive gameplay elements. Whether installed in an arcade, family entertainment center, or private game room, it promises endless hours of excitement for players of all ages.

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