210L x 140W x 110H CM


Birdly® will take your guest to exotic destinations and fantastic imaginary worlds while stimulating all their senses and leaving a lasting impression that makes them want more. It is one of the world’s most intuitive human-machine interfaces. It is designed to let human consciousness dive into a multiverse of realities.

Game Features

  • A breathtaking sensory experience using headwind simulation, 3D audio, and visual impact.
  • Via head-mounted display, players interact with a high-resolution virtual reality landscape full of entertaining surprises.
  • Its diverse content catalogue puts young and old at the centre of beautifully crafted cinematic worlds with highly engaging storylines.
  • Contents like Jurassic Flight or Oceans WeR promote knowledge and create awareness by placing the payer at the centre of past or difficult-toreach ecosystems.
  • Unlike most other location-based platforms, Birdly takes up very little space, allowing its users to roam freely throughout each world.

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Birdly stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of virtual reality, offering an unparalleled platform that transcends traditional boundaries. Its immersive experiences transport users into realms of boundless freedom, realizing the age-old human desire of flight and exploration. Renowned worldwide, Birdly’s VR simulator captivates audiences in a myriad of venues, from museums and entertainment centers to bustling tourist destinations and airports.

At the heart of Birdly lies its ability to sweep customers off their feet, delivering an immersive journey that defies the constraints of reality. Unlike conventional VR experiences, Birdly fosters social interaction, inviting onlookers to share in the thrill of flight. It transcends mere entertainment, offering an emotional voyage that resonates deeply with visitors, forging unforgettable memories.

The breadth of Birdly’s content portfolio ensures there’s something for every palate, whether it’s the allure of exploration, the tranquility of relaxation, or the rush of adrenaline. These experiences seamlessly integrate into exhibitions or stand alone as captivating attractions, guaranteeing repeat visits from enthralled audiences.

Moreover, Birdly’s compact design and efficient operation allow for the deployment of multiple simulators with minimal space and staffing requirements. With up to four simulators manageable by a single operator, Birdly maximizes throughput, driving revenue and ensuring a substantial return on investment for venue owners.

Yet, beyond the realm of entertainment, Birdly serves as a gateway to inaccessible worlds for many visitors. By offering experiences that transcend physical limitations, Birdly opens eyes to new perspectives, eliciting profound emotional responses that foster awareness and inspire action.

In essence, Birdly isn’t just a VR platform; it’s a catalyst for transformative experiences. It embodies the human spirit’s innate yearning for exploration and discovery, while also fostering connections and igniting imaginations. Together, let’s embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, creating extraordinary memories that linger long after the flight ends.

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