Bob’s Space Racers provides an adaptation to the Hy Stryker™ Adult Model with the smaller in size, but big in fun, the Hy Stryker™ Kiddie Model! The Kiddie Hy Stryker™ presents younger guests with a challenge of their own. With the Hy Stryker- Kiddie Model, the young guest must step up with a smaller hammer and hit the base to win a prize!

Game Features

  • Programmable game options and settings
  • Able to control the difficulty level, volume, and attract pattern for the game
  • Attract mode features colorful light patterns, eye-catching text, and crowd-drawing sounds
  • Built-in Play and Win meters
  • Built-in Game Diagnostic Display
  • Super easy set-up and teardown
  • Available in Base size: 40″ x 40″‘, Height: 12’ 9″

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Bob’s Space Racers introduces an exciting adaptation of the Hy Stryker™ Adult Model with the compact yet thrilling Hy Stryker™ Kiddie Model. This is a hammer striker redemption game to cater specifically to younger guests. This game offers a unique challenge perfectly suited to their abilities.

In the Hy Stryker™ Kiddie Model, young participants step up to the game armed with a smaller hammer, ready to take on the challenge of striking the base to claim a prize. This version of the game ensures that children can experience the excitement and satisfaction of gameplay just for them.

Key features include programmable options and settings, volume settings, and attract patterns to suit different environments and player preferences. The attract mode captivates the guests with vibrant light displays, engaging text, and sounds. Therefore, drawing in crowds and creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

For operational ease, the Hy Stryker™ Kiddie Model is equipped with Play and Win meters. Hence, providing clear feedback on game activity and success rates. Additionally, a Game Diagnostic Display enhances maintenance efficiency by offering real-time insights into the game’s operational status.

Setting up and dismantling is remarkably straightforward. That helps to reduce the downtime between installations or events. This simplicity not only streamlines logistical processes for operators but also enhances overall guest satisfaction.

This hammer striker redemption game is a name of entertainment designed to deliver big fun to younger players. Whether installed in amusement parks, fec’s, or other venues, this game promises to engage and delight children while maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability associated with Bob’s Space Racers products.

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