Stinky Feet™ is a hilarious multi-target water race game. The unique design of the game will draw the attention of your guests of all age group. The game is simple, exciting and most of all fun. The players needs to aim at the stinky feet or the bar of soap to make the LED lights move up the light channel. The first to get to the top of the LED light channel wins!

Game Features

  • Available in both group and arcade models.
  • Available in all boy characters, all duck characters, or a combination of the both.
  • Incorporates a unique bathtub theme.
  • Water guns are replicas of bathtub faucets, and the seats resemble toilets.
  • Multiple targets with progressive speed.
  • Self-contained and easy to maintain water system.
  • Custom theming is available.
  • Complete game accounting system.

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Experience a fun twist on the classic water gun game with Stinky Feet! This attendant-free attraction adds a hilarious new dimension to family fun, offering quick-paced entertainment for all ages. Stinky Feet brings a fresh and exciting gameplay experience with its unique bathtub theme and multi-target water race challenge. Players follow the light pattern to victory, making every round a race against time and laughter!

It is all about fun, excitement, and simplicity. Its engaging gameplay mechanics ensure that players of all ages can join in on the laughter and excitement. The game features a bathtub-inspired design, with each water gun replicating a bathtub faucet and the seats resembling toilets—adding to the whimsical and entertaining atmosphere.

Link up to 12 units of this game for your FEC, with two charming character configurations available: All Boy, All Duck, and a combination of both. This innovative water game offers instant player recognition and is a hit among attendees, making it an excellent addition to any FEC location. With custom prize display cabinets and ticket redemption featuring special 4-inch prize tickets, Stinky Feet provides players with the opportunity for instant win gratification.

As a proven concept from Bob’s Space Racers, this game is built for success. Its fun look and engaging gameplay mechanics ensure that players keep coming back for more, while its compatibility with card swipe installations adds convenience and accessibility for operators. Stinky Feet is not just a game—it’s an experience that brings laughter, excitement, and fun to FEC locations everywhere.

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