75W x 157L CM


Elevate your gaming experience with Roll Down Add’Em Up the Attendant-Free Carnival Game, where excitement meets convenience in this innovative seated attraction. The arcade game redefines entertainment, allowing guests to indulge in an engaging and addicting experience without the need for a game operator.

Game Features

  • Experience a seated gaming adventure like no other, as Roll Down Add’Em Up presents a fresh approach that combines skill and strategy in a seated game format.
  • Take part in thrilling gameplay as you roll the ball down the seven-lane playing field, each lane labeled with varying point values. Score a predetermined amount of points to achieve victory and earn tickets.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of gaming possibilities with electronically controlled and flexible game settings and options, allowing operators to customize the gameplay experience to their preferences.
  • Benefit from built-in sensors that detect when a player rolls a ball, automatically resetting the game for the next player, ensuring seamless transitions and uninterrupted fun.

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Introducing the Roll Down Add’Em Up Attendant-Free Game (AFG), where guests can dive into a world of fun and excitement without the need for a game operator. This innovative seated attraction revolutionizes the gaming experience, offering convenience and entertainment in one thrilling package.

Once the game begins, players are immersed in the action as they roll a ball down the lane, aiming to score a predetermined amount of points to emerge victorious. With programmable game settings and options, the possibilities are endless, allowing for a customizable and engaging gameplay experience.

Equipped with built-in sensors, the game seamlessly detects when a player throws a ball, automatically resetting for the next player. This ensures smooth transitions and uninterrupted fun for everyone involved. Plus, each successful play rewards players with a specialty 2″ x 4″ ticket, which can be exchanged for prizes or collected to trade for larger rewards.

Elevate your gaming experience with Roll Down Add’Em Up, the Attendant-Free Carnival Game that combines classic fun with a modern twist. With its seven-lane playing field and flexible game settings, this game is designed to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages. So, roll, win, and repeat the excitement with Roll Down Add’Em Up!

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