Jaws – Pro Edition

D140 x W69 x H192H CM

Experience JAWS like never before with the iconic movie-themed Pinball

JAWS transports players to the fictional locale of Amity Island, located off the coast of Long Island, New York.  The small fishing community is a popular beach vacation location in the summer.  As Fourth of July vacationers close in on the island’s picturesque beaches, grave danger lurks below sea level… The Amity Island mayor covers up the shark attacks out of fear of losing the island’s tourism money, resulting in more terrifying attacks.


  • JAWSpinball games will have players grabbing their harpoons and playing as Quint, Hooper, and Brody to save Amity Island’s residents and the Fourth of July!  As the grizzled fishermen, tackle the most dangerous ocean creatures on the planet.
  • Tension mounts as you see “blood in the water” from our animated lighting effects.  Fire pinballs at the motorized “Shark Fin” target swimming across the playfield.  Anticipation builds as you navigate the “Orca Boat” upper playfield, featuring a “Lookout Tower” ramp, a ship’s wheel horizontal spinner on the deck, and a “Radio” stand-up target to call for help.  Lookout!
  • A motorized custom sculpted “Great White Shark” bash toy comes crashing through the bottom of a fishing boat, terrorizing players in this thrilling pinball odyssey.  Will you survive JAWS?!
  • In addition to immersive film and audio assets integrated into pinball action, JAWS includes custom speech by actor Richard Dreyfuss and the iconic movie theme music by John Williams.
  • JAWS pinball games include Stern’s award-winning Insider Connected™ system, which enables players to interact with the game and a global network of players in multiple ways.  Through Insider Connected, players can track progress, hunt Achievements, take on special JAWS Quests, and work on their lifetime Bounty Hunter rank.

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The Jaws Pinball Pro experience transports players to the perilous waters surrounding Amity Island, where they must confront the relentless terror of the Great White Shark. In this premium edition, players assume the roles of Quint, Hooper, and Brody, embarking on a high-stakes mission to save the island’s residents and preserve the Fourth of July festivities. With immersive gameplay and state-of-the-art features, Jaws Pinball Pro delivers an unparalleled thrill ride, capturing the essence of the iconic film franchise.

As players navigate the treacherous seas, they’ll encounter the motorized “Shark Fin” target, evoking the pulse-pounding tension of the hunt. Each shot fired becomes a battle against time and fate, as the jaws of the predator loom ever closer. With animated lighting effects simulating “blood in the water,” every moment is filled with heart-pounding suspense, immersing players in the desperate struggle for survival.

At the helm of the “Orca Boat” upper playfield, players must utilize skill and strategy to outmaneuver the deadly predator. From the “Lookout Tower” ramp to the “Radio” stand-up target, each obstacle presents a new challenge to overcome. And with the motorized custom-sculpted “Great White Shark” bash toy, the threat of imminent danger is ever-present, keeping players on the edge of their seats throughout their Jaws Pinball Pro journey.

In addition to its immersive gameplay, Jaws Pinball Pro features Stern’s innovative Insider Connected™ system, allowing players to engage with a global network of enthusiasts. Through Insider Connected, players can track their progress, pursue special JAWS Quests, and compete for the coveted title of lifetime Bounty Hunter. With its limited availability and exclusive features, Jaws Pinball Pro offers enthusiasts the ultimate collector’s item, commemorating one of cinema’s most beloved franchises in thrilling style.

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