250D x 220W x 260H CM


The ultimate VR Paragliding Experience delivering the feeling of soaring through the air and the realism of being under parachute, without the danger or huge expense.

Game Features

  • An attendant-free VR attraction for solo or mulitplayer game play.
  • E-Sports Capability. Run localized leagues, leaderboard with days, weeks and all time best player scores.
  • Explore 3 different games in the Discover series.
  • Experience night fly in the neon light series.
  • Accessible for all ages – 1.1m min height.
  • Swipe Card or cash payment options.
  • Easy to install – indoor or outdoor.
  • Single phase power.
  • Made in the UK. Conforms with EN ISO-17842 parts 1, 2and 3 and conforms to the ATSM F24 standard(as is harmonised with EN 13814).
  • Link up to 4 units

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Embark on an exhilarating journey through the skies with this multiplayer Paradrop VR Pod flying experience, designed to transport you to new heights of excitement and adventure. With compact hardware suitable for permanent or mobile installations, our VR flying attraction offers unparalleled freedom and immersion.

Experience the thrill of flight without ever leaving the ground, as our touchless payment system allows for seamless self-service access at the kiosk. Choose your own character and dive into a gamified experience unlike any other, with market-leading esports and events capability that ensures every moment is filled with action and competition.

As you prepare to take flight, take a deep breath and step off the edge into the vast space in between. This is your Paradrop VR Pod , where gravity fades away and the sensation of flight becomes a reality. Welcome to the Para sphere, where every sense is heightened, and the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits.

In the Para sphere, be fully present in the moment as you soar through the skies and discover wonders beyond imagination. This is the edge of reality, where every twist and turn offers a new perspective and a total evolution of the senses.

Become part of a paradigm shift, embracing a new way of looking at the world around you. Explore our latest news, games, and characters, and join the excitement of the Para sphere League, where players from around the globe come together to compete and connect in the ultimate Paradrop VR Pod experience.

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