79D x 122W x 257H CM


Embark on a captivating journey of skill and precision with Pushing Points. This enthralling game challenges players to unleash their intuitive skills by maneuvering the pushing rod into position and releasing it to expertly pop prizes into the win zone. With its skill-based gameplay, captivating lighting, and versatile features, Pushing Points promises an arcade adventure that sets a new standard.

Game Features

  • Elevate your gaming prowess as you face the challenge of moving the pushing rod into precise position and releasing it to pop prizes into the coveted win zone, showcasing your intuitive skills.
  • Draw player attention with dynamic color-changing lighting that sets the stage for an enchanting atmosphere, heightening the game’s allure and enhancing player engagement.
  • Keep the excitement flowing with quick and easy stock re-filling, ensuring that players always have a fresh opportunity to showcase their skills and win big.
  • Prioritize security with a durable and secure cabinet featuring a tilt cheat sensor, ensuring fair play and providing a safe and reliable platform for players to test their skills.


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