69W x 140D x 192H CM

In this epic music pinball adventure, players will travel with Rush through time.

Game Features

  • This Rush pinball features sixteen iconic songs, from the legendry Canadian Rock Band, accentuated by a brilliant sound and lighting effects.
  • Travel back in time with Rushby shooting pinballs through a custom-sculpted, electromagnetic Time Machine.
  • The Rush Premium model pinball experience includes a motorized ramp with custom lighting effects and a custom sculpted Clockwork Angels Clock, inspired from Neil Peart’s bass drum from their Time Machine Tour.
  •  This motorized clock illuminates, and when it strikes midnight players will be transported to a Headlong Flight Multiball frenzy.
  • Additional features on the Premium models include a custom subway system, locking pinballs to unleash a high energy Far Cry Multiball.
  • The machines include a new Insider Connected™ system, enabling players to interact with the game and a global network of players.
  • Connected™ provides dynamic entertainment and player engagement features.

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Designed by renowned industry veteran John Borg, the Rush pinball Premium machine brings the iconic music of the band to life on a captivating playfield, blending the worlds of music and pinball for fans to enjoy. Featuring 16 of Rush’s most iconic pieces, including hits like “Tom Sawyer,” “Working Man,” and “Far Cry,” this machine promises an immersive experience that resonates with music and pinball enthusiasts alike.

The Rush Pinball Premium machine is infused with a distinct steampunk aesthetic, evident in its intricate playfield details and features. At the heart of the gameplay is the magnetic Time Machine, where players can lock balls into its center, capturing shots before magnetically sending them forward or backward, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay dynamics.

Navigate through the pinball subway and aim for the “Main Power” scoop to claim mystery awards and additional bonuses. Witness the action unfold beneath the playfield through the built-in window, offering a unique perspective on the game’s mechanics and rewards.

The Rush Pinball Premiem machine features two ramp shots with diverters, providing players with exhilarating gameplay opportunities. Send pinballs up either the engraved metal ramp on the left or the high-speed plastic side ramp, then watch as the built-in diverter guides shots back to the flippers for continuous play.

Connect your Rush pinball machine to a STERN Pinball Insider account (membership charged separately) and unlock a world of additional in-game features. From achievements to player profile creation, Insider Connected Technology enhances the gameplay experience, offering new ways to engage with the game and track your progress.

With three pop bumpers, three flippers, and six balls, the Rush pinball machine delivers non-stop action and excitement, inviting players to immerse themselves in the legendary music of Rush while enjoying thrilling pinball gameplay.

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