D120 x W115 x H204 CM


Prepare for a jumbo-sized adventure of skill and excitement with Ticket Ring Jumbo. This game invites players to experience endless fun and rewards as they aim for the ultimate prize. With delightful illumination and user-friendly controls, this game promises an unforgettable experience for all players.

Game Features

  • Elevate the excitement with the unique Ticket Ring Jumbo mechanic that challenges players to keep playing until they emerge victorious, ensuring an exhilarating and rewarding gameplay experience.
  • Delight in the captivating glow of the front frame illumination, setting the stage for an engaging and visually appealing adventure. Customize the color to seamlessly complement your location’s ambiance.
  • With a high-volume capacity playfield, players can enjoy extended gameplay sessions and aim for the win with perseverance and determination.
  • Designed for durability, the cabinet ensures a reliable and sturdy platform for players to test their skills and chase after the coveted prize.
  • The simple 4-way joystick controller makes gameplay intuitive and accessible, allowing players of all ages to dive into the challenge with ease.

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Introducing the Ticket Ring Jumbo Crane—a game-changer in the world of arcade entertainment. Elevate your venue with this dazzling addition, featuring fully lit front panels that cast a mesmerizing glow, courtesy of vibrant LED colors. Tailor the illumination to suit your location, infusing elegance and attraction into your space like never before.

Designed for versatility, the Ticket Ring Jumbo Crane seamlessly transitions between redemption ticket and swipe card locations, making it the perfect fit for arcades, family entertainment centers, and beyond. Its intuitive gameplay invites players to test their skills by grabbing as many ticket rings as possible using the precise and reliable crane claw.

Built to endure the demands of continuous play, the Ticket Ring Jumbo Crane boasts a durable cabinet design that ensures longevity and reliability. With its high volume capacity play-field and user-friendly 4-way joystick controller, every aspect of this crane is engineered to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Highlighting its appeal is the delightful front frame illumination, which adds a touch of visual splendor to the gameplay. Whether you opt for a single color to match your venue’s theme or cycle through a spectrum of hues for added excitement, the result is sure to captivate players and onlookers alike.

But the benefits don’t stop there—Ticket Ring Jumbo Crane offers the added convenience of reusable ticket rings, promoting sustainability while enhancing the player experience. Players can redeem their prizes at the redemption shop and return the rings to the game for future use, minimizing waste and maximizing enjoyment.

In summary, the Ticket Ring Jumbo Crane isn’t just a game—it’s a statement piece that transforms any venue into a hub of entertainment. With its striking illumination, versatile design, and engaging gameplay, this crane promises to elevate the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on players of all ages.

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