246D x 301W x 367H CM


Prepare for an extraordinary adventure with The X-treme Big One – a colossal marvel standing nearly 13 feet tall. This mega-sized game is not just about height; it promises extreme play, unbeatable earnings, and a stunning visual spectacle that commands attention.

Game Features

  • The X-treme Big One towers above the rest at over 12 feet, creating an awe-inspiring presence that draws players from all corners of your location.
  • Witness superior return on investment as operators report record-breaking earnings, bringing the meaning of “XTREME” to life in terms of profitability.
  • LED ultraviolet and dynamic multicolor changing lights infuse an electrifying and festive ambiance, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere.
  • Guided by the innovative “Claw Vision” monitor, players skillfully maneuver the mammoth claw over their desired prize.
  • The X-treme Big One II integrates ConNext technology, providing operators with familiar features and operations found in other Elaut E-Claw cranes, ensuring smooth management.

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Experience the ultimate thrill with The X-treme Big One – a towering spectacle reaching nearly 13 feet high. This colossal arcade attraction transcends mere height; it offers extreme gameplay, unparalleled earnings, and a visual spectacle that demands attention.

The X-treme Big One dominates the arcade landscape, standing over 12 feet tall, attracting players from every corner of your venue. Operators rejoice as they witness record-breaking profits, making “XTREME” profitability a reality.

Dynamic LED ultraviolet and multicolor lights create an electrifying ambiance, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. Guided by the innovative “Claw Vision” monitor, players navigate the mammoth claw with precision, aiming for their desired prize.

The X-treme Big One II incorporates ConNext technology, ensuring seamless operations familiar to operators of other Elaut E-Claw cranes. It’s bigger, better, and bolder – the epitome of arcade extravagance.

Prepare for an adventure like no other at Magic Planet, where the X-treme Big One awaits. Standing over 12 feet tall, this behemoth of an arcade game promises an exhilarating challenge and the chance to win prizes as massive as a toddler!

Experience a twist on traditional crane games with X-treme Big One’s unique control system. Navigate the grabber using four push buttons and a dedicated drop button, all while racing against the clock.

But wait, there’s more! This machine is equipped with a Target Selector POV camera, allowing players to aim directly at their desired prize. It’s all about precision and strategy – hit the drop button at the perfect moment to claim your prize.

At Magic Planet, we prioritize family fun, and X-treme Big One delivers just that. From youngsters to seasoned gamers, everyone can enjoy the thrill of this supersized arcade attraction.

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