Apex Rebels

280D x 155W x 243H CM (Single Unit)


Apex Rebels delivers the ultimate racing experience equipped with a motion base for the players to feel every bit of the action REAL TIME.

Game Features

  • The showstopper cabinet features a futuristic race car design and stunning custom lighting.
  • Fly over rivals with the thrilling aero-drift technique.
  • Intelligent adaptive difficulty to suit players of all skill levels.
  • Seamlessly unlock upgrades and enhance performance by passing through checkpoints.
  • 65″ LED monitor brings the racing action to life.
  • Huge panoramic LED Matrix Video Billboard attracts players and details in-race information and leader boards.
  • Cutting-edge graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5.
  • Choose from five high-octane, futuristic race cars and race across four stunning environments.
  • Safety seat belt and emergency stop system.
  • Link up to 4 cabinets to create an attraction feature.

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Apex Rebels, developed by Sega Amusements, stands as the pinnacle of motion racing entertainment, tailor-made for arcades, FECs, and various entertainment venues. This exhilarating experience guarantees an adrenaline rush with its intelligent adaptive difficulty system, catering seamlessly to both casual players and die-hard racing enthusiasts. Regardless of skill level, players are in for a challenge thanks to the game’s intelligent race mechanics, promising a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Diving into the action, players have the freedom to select from a diverse lineup of five high-performance vehicles. Each lap presents a pivotal decision as players must navigate through one of three checkpoints, determining the optimal driving route based on their racing style. Success at these progressive checkpoints not only grants speed boosts but also unlocks advanced techniques such as Slipstream, Power Drifts, and the groundbreaking Aero-Drift. This innovative technique lifts the car, enabling players to maneuver through corners at breakneck speeds, outmaneuvering opponents effortlessly. The competitive atmosphere encourages players to strategically utilize slipstreams, earning extra boosts and gaining an edge to secure victory.

The visual spectacle of Apex Rebels is unparalleled, featuring a captivating cabinet design boasting futuristic aesthetics, vibrant LED lighting, and eye-catching race liveries. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game offers stunning graphical detail, showcased on a massive 65″ LED monitor complemented by a panoramic LED Video Billboard displaying crucial in-race information, leaderboards, and track maps, engaging spectators and immersing them in the excitement.

The game’s Motion Base technology elevates immersion further, allowing players to feel every bump, twist, and turn in real-time. With force feedback steering wheels and a realistic physics engine, players experience genuine control and unparalleled realism that keeps them coming back for more.

Bring the excitement of Apex Rebels to your entertainment venue and ignite the passion for racing in the next generation of players!

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