195D X 111W X 249H CM


Drone Racing Genesis captures this exhilarating spirit of drone racing and brings it to indoor entertainment locations for the very first time. With the casual and core player in mind, this game is easy to grasp. To get a place on the podium, players must race to the finish line while completing checkpoints and collecting those all-important ‘battery charge’ power ups to give their drone a super boost to zoom past their rivals.

Game Features

  • Intuitive Joystick controller.
  • 42” HD display.
  • 4 exotic environments.
  • 5 different drones with unique characteristics.
  • 2 different game modes.
  • Color changing LED cabinet lighting.
  • Stunning graphics.
  • Linkable up to 4 cabinets.

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Drone Racing Genesis, Sega Amusements’ latest arcade sensation, brings the thrill of drone racing into the virtual realm, offering an immersive experience that captures the excitement of real-world drone competitions. With personal drones gaining popularity globally, this exclusive arcade title taps into the burgeoning eSports movement, allowing players to pilot futuristic, person-sized race drones through four exhilarating levels. Whether racing against AI opponents or real competitors, players can test their skills and aim for the fastest race times in a vibrant and colorful virtual world.

What sets Drone Racing Genesis apart is its unique control scheme. Instead of traditional steering wheels or complex home drone setups, players use a large analog joystick to navigate their drones. Tested to appeal to both casual and core players, this intuitive control method ensures that users of all ages can enjoy the game without the need for pedals or complicated controls. The game’s easy-to-pick-up gameplay combined with its visually stunning graphics and dynamic LED animations make it a standout choice for arcades seeking to offer a fresh and exciting racing experience.

Exclusive to arcades, Drone Racing Genesis features a colorful cabinet with a backlit marquee and RGB LED molding fixtures, creating a captivating visual display that draws players in. The game’s graphics are displayed on a 43″ HD monitor, providing crisp and detailed visuals across four exotic tracks. Players can choose from five different drones, each with its own unique characteristics, and compete in quick races or championship races to test their skills. With the option to grab battery charges for a quick boost and the ability to link up to four units for multiplayer fun, Drone Racing Genesis is a must-have addition to any arcade looking to offer cutting-edge entertainment options.

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