263D x 113W x 234H CM


Jet Blaster brings the most realistic waterski racing action with a custom-developed air motion platform for real wave bouncing action. Experience beautiful life-like sceneries that immerse you into the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Motion platform with wind effects, heart-pounding soundtracks, and blazing-fast speeds for an adrenaline-filled experience.
  • Nitrogen boost and outrageous stunts deliver epic racing thrills.
  • The jet bike upgrade system inspires repeat play.
  • 5 characters, each with unique strengths.
  • Race through 6 brilliant environments.
  • Link up to 4 units.

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Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of watercraft racing with Jet Blaster, the ultimate watercraft game from SEGA Amusements International! Featuring a custom-developed air cylinder-based motion platform, Jet Blaster delivers the most realistic racing action you’ve ever experienced. Feel the rush as you navigate through stunning racecourses, with high-end graphics creating beautiful, lifelike sceneries that immerse you in the gameplay. With wind effects, heart-pounding soundtracks, and exhilarating boosts, Jet Blaster will leave your adrenaline pumping as you race to victory.

Jet Blaster offers casual gameplay that’s perfect for the whole family, while also providing challenging racecourses that will put your skills to the test, making it ideal for core gamers too. The game’s stunning cabinet features a life-size jet bike, illuminated from top to bottom to capture the attention of everyone at your location. Plus, the unique footrest lighting feature creates the illusion of water beneath the game, adding to the immersive experience.

With 7 exciting water race tracks set across the world, Nitrogen boost for epic racing thrills, and the ability to perform outrageous stunts, this game offers endless excitement and entertainment. Additionally, the game features a jet bike upgrade system that inspires repeat play, allowing players to customize their experience and strive for new heights. With 5 characters, each with unique strengths, and the ability to link up to 4 players, Jet Blaster offers multiplayer fun that’s perfect for group outings and competitive showdowns.

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