148D x 251W x 221H CM


From The Creators Of The Ever Popular Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Comes A Brand New Dancing Game That Will Have Your Players Shuffle Frenzy.

Game Features

  • The 2-Player DanceRush Stardom is the next LIT attraction for your arcade.
  • Allows anyone to enjoy Shuffle dancing simply by moving their feet and body according to the onscreen guidance.
  • 200+ Peppy Original Sound tracks for Experts, EDM for Intermediates and even Shuffle dance tutorials for beginners.
  • Additional tracks are added every 6 months
  • Sound Tracks and BGM in a 4.1 ch Surround Sound environment, Sub-woofer for the thump, and the LED Matrix Dance Stage will give your players a never before dance experience and attract more audience to the game.
  • Built-in camera to record players’ movements.
  • Link 2 units for 4 players to Dance-off for Stardom.

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DanceRush Stardom Video Dancing Machine is the ultimate dance gaming experience, designed to immerse players in the world of Shuffle dancing. Featuring lesson stages that teach basic moves like the Running Man, even those new to dancing can jump right in and enjoy the fun. The game’s giant sensor panel lights up in seven dazzling colors with every step, adding to the excitement and creating a visually stunning experience for players.

One of the standout features of DanceRush Stardom is its audio experience. Original songs and sound effects are mastered independently and played through the cabinet’s four speakers, positioned both above and below the player. This ensures a rich and immersive sound that enhances the gameplay and sets DanceRush Stardom apart from other music games on the market.

With the LED matrix stage and 4.1ch speakers, every dance becomes an exhilarating experience. The dynamic lighting effects and powerful sound system create a vibrant atmosphere that draws players in and keeps them coming back for more. Plus, with the video posting function, players can share their dance performances on social media, adding an extra layer of fun and interactivity to the game.

Exclusively from Japan, DanceRush Stardom is a Konami original machine that has been reconditioned to ensure optimal performance. With its easy-to-learn gameplay, captivating visuals, and immersive audio, DanceRush Stardom is suitable for 1-2 players and guarantees hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just looking to have some fun, this game offers an exciting and engaging gaming experience like no other.

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