285D x 275W x 267H CM


The familiar gameplay of Pac-Man is now available in a BIGGER than ever in this arcade-exclusive twist. 2 Players can cooperate to complete the mazes in this classic Pac-Man game.

Game Features

  • This hit classic Pac-Man Arcade Game with dual Joysticks & Control Buttons is now on a Billboard-sized 108-inch attractive LED display.
  • Updated gameplay includes 2-player simultaneous play in Pac-Man.
  • BONUS: Enjoy GALAGA Software for FREE. Players can play 2 Games in one cabinet.
  • Use the big screen for Captive Marketing – Operator Programmable Advertising Option.
  • Display your FEC’s branding on screen or promotional schemes & offers to attract players.
  • High score & ‘bragging screens’ show which Player earned more ‘points’ during the game.
  • If a Player loses at any point of the game, they can coin-up.

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Get ready for the ultimate arcade experience with the World’s Biggest Pac-Man, now featuring the classic arcade game, Galaga! Pac-Man returns in a larger-than-life format, captivating players with its massive 108” LED game screen and timeless gameplay that keeps them coming back for more. Utilizing bright LED billboard technology, this arcade-exclusive twist on the beloved classic stands out among other titles, drawing in crowds and delivering an unforgettable gaming experience.

With 2-player simultaneous play, the action heats up as players team up to conquer the mazes together. Updated gameplay allows for cooperative play, where players can work together to achieve high scores and complete levels. To avoid confusion, each controllable character during 2-player simultaneous play is displayed in a different color, enhancing the cooperative gaming experience.

New high score tables have been added to the World’s Biggest Pac-Man, allowing more names to appear for longer periods. Additionally, unique “bragging” screens highlight players’ accomplishments at the end of each completed level, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.

Exciting new features enhance the familiar Pac-Man formula, including the ability for players to continue the game by inserting more credits after losing their lives. In the new “co-op” game mode, players can team up with a friend to tackle the mazes together, with each player controlling a different character on the screen.

Adjustable lives make it easy for operators to customize the game experience, while future updates promise even more classic game titles, including the iconic Galaga. Plus, the addition of the Continue feature allows players to pick up where they left off after losing their last life, keeping them engaged and motivated to beat their high scores.

Featuring a giant “video billboard” screen with RGB/multi-color LEDs, the World’s Biggest Pac-Man offers an immersive visual experience that captivates players and attracts attention from across the arcade floor. With the ability to display up to 3 video ads during the Attract Mode, operators can promote their business, special events, tournaments, and more, maximizing revenue and engagement.

Don’t miss out on the arcade-exclusive excitement of the World’s Biggest Pac-Man, where classic gameplay meets cutting-edge technology for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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