The Cat Rack Attendant-Free Game allows guests to play this Classic Midway game without needing a game operator. Once the game starts, the game automatically provides baseballs to the player who must throw the balls to knock the cats over to win. Programmable game settings and options provide a multitude of gameplay options and styles.

Game Features

  • Electronically controlled and comes with flexible game settings and options.
  • Built-in sensors know when the guest has thrown a baseball and then reset the game for the next player.
  • Distributes a specialty (customizable) 5 x 10 cm ticket that can be exchanged for a prize or collected to trade for larger prizes.
  • Add multiple game units to fit your building size.

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Experience the next level of classic midway fun with Bob’s Space Racers’ Cat Rack Attendant-Free Game (AFG), where players can immerse themselves in an exhilarating and familiar gameplay experience—all without the need for a game operator.

In this revamped version of the beloved Cat Rack game, players are greeted with a cascade of multi-colored balls upon starting the game. With nimble fingers and sharp aim, guests must skillfully hurl the balls to knock down the targets and amass as many points as possible before the clock ticks down to zero, transforming this into a true test of skill and precision.

Key Features of the Game:

  1. Profit Maximization and Space Efficiency: Group multiple Cat Rack AFG units together to enhance profitability and tailor them to fit your venue’s spatial constraints, ensuring optimal use of available space.
  2. Electronically Controlled Flexibility: Enjoy the convenience of electronically controlled game settings and options, allowing operators to customize the gameplay experience to suit their preferences and meet the demands of their clientele.
  3. Enhanced Player Interaction: Equipped with built-in sensors, the game intuitively detects when a player hits a target and tracks ball throws, seamlessly resetting the game for the next eager participant, thus fostering uninterrupted engagement and enjoyment.
  4. Rewarding Gameplay: As players rack up points, they earn specialty 2″ x 4″ tickets that can be exchanged for enticing prizes or amassed for larger rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive to each exhilarating round.

With this game, Bob’s Space Racers has redefined the classic midway game experience, offering operators and players alike a seamless, attendant-free gaming solution that combines timeless entertainment with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re a seasoned arcade aficionado or a casual player seeking thrills, the Cat Rack AFG promises endless hours of immersive fun and fierce competition, making it a must-have addition to any entertainment venue or arcade floor.

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