D77 x 103W x 243H CM


Following on from the hugely successful original Dead Heat game, Dead Heat Unleashed is an intense new racing game with brand-new racecourses and cars.

Game Features

  • Super cool LED Lit cabinet that responds to the gameplay’s changing lighting.
  • 8 new realistic racecourses from around the world including San Francisco, Chicago, London, New York and more.
  • 10 different licensed cars including Nissan GT-R50, Skyline GT-R, Fairlady Z S30, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra to name a few.
  • Players can crowd their car into other race cars to earn instant boosters.
  • The thrill of a heated race will ensure high-level repeat play thereby improving the ROI.
  • The photo feature enables players to identify their competition and know exactly who they are battling with for the first-place title.
  • Link up to 4 cabinets

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Get ready for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime with the highly anticipated sequel to the arcade hit of 2010, Dead Heat Unleashed! This intense new racing game features four thrilling courses, brand new cars, and an eye-catching LED-lit cabinet that reacts to the action, creating dynamic lighting patterns that enhance the gameplay experience.

Challenge your friends head-to-head in heart-pounding races that are guaranteed to be a dead heat every time! With the ability to link up to four cabinets, players can compete against each other in intense battles for supremacy on the track. By driving aggressively and getting up close and personal with their rivals, players can charge their ULTIMATE HEAT gauge, unleashing a burst of speed that propels them towards the finish line.

Just like its predecessor, Dead Heat Unleashed features a camera above the screen that allows players to take a photo before the race, helping them identify their competition and strategize for victory.

With ten licensed cars to choose from, each with new color variants, and eight realistic courses inspired by famous locations from around the world, Dead Heat Unleashed offers players the ultimate driving experience. Designed by the same team behind Maximum Tune 5, this sequel stays true to the spirit of the original while introducing exciting enhancements to the gameplay.

In this game, players are encouraged to get up close and personal with other vehicles, as physical contact helps build their ULTIMATE HEAT gauge. By hitting the Nitro button when the gauge is full, players can unleash a massive burst of speed, propelling them ahead of the competition.

With eight action-packed courses and forgiving physics that allow for thrilling drifts around tight turns, Dead Heat Unleashed offers endless excitement for players of all skill levels. And with the ability to link up to four units, the competition is hotter than ever! So unleash your ultimate driving skills and prepare for non-stop thrills with Dead Heat Unleashed!

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