The all-new 1-4 player whacking game. A fresh-take on whacking game basses on the fully licensed blockbuster sci-fi/action movie! Players become Kong or Godzilla, smashing through wavers of monsters and colossal Kaiju Bosses while navigating an immersive 3D environment filled with dazzling effects.

Game Features

  • The game is consisted of 3 levels of difficult, each level will have 3 stages, in each level the difficult will gradually increase along the rewards!
  • At the beginning of the game, the player first hits the small monsters on the table (Skullcrawlers).
  • The players defend Hollow Earth by smashing the onslaught of monsters attempting to break through stages, each of which ends with a boss showdown where players must defeat the colossal Kaiju Bosses.
  • With 4 players working together, they’ll need to whack the horizontal and vertical targets as quickly as possible to diminish the boss’ health bar.
  • After hitting enough targets and destroy the health bar, players can advance to the next level which less time to fight but higher rewards!

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Step into the colossal world of monster mayhem with Godzilla vs Kong Smasher, a 4-player whacking game that brings the epic clash of two iconic monsters to life like never before. Inspired by the blockbuster sci-fi/action movie, this fully licensed game immerses players in the thrilling battle between Kong and Godzilla, allowing them to take on the roles of these legendary creatures and smash their way through waves of monsters and colossal Kaiju Bosses.

With lifelike 3D models of Godzilla and Kong, players are transported into an immersive 3D environment filled with dazzling effects, where they must strategically navigate through a unique mix of horizontal and vertical targets, both physical and light elements, to emerge victorious. Each hit chips away at Kong or Godzilla’s health bar, leading to a multi-stage progression that keeps players on the edge of their seats as they strive to defeat their opponents.

The game’s imposing cabinet design features detailed molds of both Godzilla and King Kong standing above the playfield, creating a visually stunning and imposing presence that grabs attention. The 3D wrap-around LED billboard marquee adds to the immersive experience, drawing players into the action with its vibrant display.

Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher is designed for players of all ages to enjoy, with classic “whacker” style gameplay that is easy to pick up yet offers endless excitement. The game’s RGB LED lighting and red numerical LED counters add to the spectacle, providing visual cues for score and time tracking.

Available in both 4-player and 2-player versions, Godzilla vs Kong Smasher offers flexible options to suit different venue layouts and player preferences. Each player station is equipped with a soft mallet attached to a metal cable, ensuring safety while delivering maximum impact. With adjustable game options including game time and volume, as well as compatibility with coin or card swipe payment systems, Godzilla vs. Kong Smasher is a versatile and engaging addition to any arcade or entertainment venue.

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